About Our Organization


We “Shiv Shakti Foundation” are register under Societies Registration Act 1860 .

We are working for socialism and focused to give the Education, Healthcare and must needed things for poor children’s. Education, Environment and woman empowerment are key points of our NGO.

We are continuously giving our efforts to solve the issue of education. Ministries are always raising fund to resolve the main issue of our country, but due to some deficiency of our system , it is not reaching properly to these poor child’s. So we are working on this direction to gave them proper education, healthcare.

Women Empowerment is also our main priority to create independency for all of them.         

We are trying to justify this word Women Empowerment” , it refers to empowering women with education, employment, decision making, and better health in view of an equal and just society.

If our country’s women would educated & self dependant then it can be help our development of our family as well our country. Because woman and children are pillars of our country.

it is a process to make the women financially independent, educated and progressive, enjoying a good social s    status. Women since ages have been struggling to be socially and professionally recognized as equivalent to men. There are many incidents in a woman’s personal and professional life, where her abilities are undermined against that of a man’s; having an adverse effect on her over all personality and hampering her growth.


“Education, Environment, Healthcare, Women Empowerment, Senior Citizen”

These are five main task to work for them, and we are working on that. According to current scenario it is very important to take care of our nature , because due to digitalization & innovation of surroundings , we are losing freshness of our Environment.

  • As well education is our also main target to remove illiteracy from our country, we don’t want to see poor child, helpless women without education.
  • So our aim & vision are clear to resolve these main issue and we are working on that.
  • Due to shortage of proper education peoples are surviving from health issues.
  • So we are going with our healthcare team in rural area to aware them about health issue.
  • We are seeing that, at the last stage of their age, families are not supporting their old parents , so we are also working on that to give them a proper take care as a family member.